F3K Vladimir’s Model Cup

(World Cup 2017, Eurotour Contest 2017).



“Vladimir’s Model” team

The Kharkiv and Lviv regionals Federation of Aviamodelling sports
The Lviv and Kharkiv fans of aeromodelling


you to take part in F3K Vladimir’s Model Cup, (World Cup 2017 , Eurotour Contest 2017) in July 20-22,2017.
You will find a friendly atmosphere from the combined team Vladimir’s Model and Lviv Friends.

Registration form must be submitted by 28 Jun 17 (f3k2017@gmail.com).

Excel-icon FAI F3K Vladimir’s Model Cup Entry Form.xlsx

This contest schedule is preliminary.

Data Time Activity
Thursday 20th Registration for Vladimir’s Model Cup, Official training
Friday 21th


8:00 – 9:30



Registration for VM Cup

Opening ceremony

VM Cup 1st day

Saturday 22th 9:00-14:30



VM Cup 2nd day


Prize giving ceremony

LOCATION:  Flying field is located at 13km from the center of Lviv City. (49.94197,24.05425)

VISA REQUIREMENTS: Visitors from most countries (USA, Canada, Japan, EU countries, Schengen countries) do not require a visa on short-term to enter in Ukraine. In case of doubt, please contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate in your own country.

CONTEST RULES: FAI Sporting Code Section 4 for class F3K. FAI valid sporting license will be mandatory for each competitor.

TRANSPORT:  You can come to Lviv by car, bus, railway or plane. We will be glad to meet you in railway station or airport and organize transfers to hotel and airfield.

Please inform us about you arrive and departure times for it.


• Senior :  30 Euros

• Junior :  15 Euros.

Entry can be paid on the field.